Let's have fun with POLARELLA


Polarella is the newest eco-friendly cardboard basket of the Polaretti Fruit.

Enjoy being creative and let your imagination flourish playing with Polarella.

In fact, inside Polarella, you can find a drawing depicting places from Polarettilandia ready to be coloured

You can help the Polaretti defend the environment and come up with new and innovative ways to use the basket!

colour pencil case

Polarella can become
a colour pencil case!


Use Polarella as a colour pencil case for your desk. Let Mr. Polaretto help you keep your room and your colours in order!


Polarella can become
a chest!


Keep a Polarella basket, download the instructions and follow them to create a chest in which you will be able to hide all your little precious things!

Download the instructions to create a Polarella chest!

DISCOVER the true identity of your favorite superhero and SEND your super polar message.

Select your


A young penguin, who is not very tall and a little tubby.

He has some problems with his eyesight.


Young and attractive penguin, she has a beautiful figure and soft facial features with long and mischievous eyelashes.

Very vain and obsessed with how she looks.


Young penguin average height and weight with a rebellious tuft of hair.

Lively, dynamic and hot-headed. He gets into “trouble” easily, but of the good kind!

He is often distracted by daydreaming of thousands of adventures!


A young, tall and muscular penguin that is very self-confident.

Strong and decisive he never loses his cool. He is the leader of the Polar Team and Polarmoro’s best friend.

He always has the medallion with a large “P” around his neck which shows that he belongs to the Polaretti Team.

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