Dolfin, a confectionery company set up in 1914, produces and markets chocolate items for Christmas and Easter eggs to the entire national territory as well as to foreign markets.
Above all Dolfin is undoubtedly the Italian market leader with its summer product “Polaretti” which are delicious freezer pops with fruit juice.

Dolfin began as a confectionery company way back in 1914, producing traditional candies.  Successively, the company began both the production of sugared almonds and “cannellina” as well as the marketing of typical Sicilian products distributed nationally.

Dolfin reached industrial level in 1948 with the automation of the production process. In 1964 a new plant was built to produce chocolate and in particular chocolate eggs.
Dolfin is among the most important Italian manufacturers and is, without a doubt, the main producer in Southern Italy thanks to the quality of its chocolate eggs.

Polaretti Fruit

Subsequently the idea and the production of a new product was created: freezer pop!
Dolphin became the market leader thanks to the success of the Polaretti brand – delicious ready to freeze ice lollies made with fruit juices – and boasts a yearly production capacity of 500 tons of chocolate and 4000 tons of ice lollies.

Due to the constant attention focused on the developments in technological innovation; research and development of new products and new markets; along with the ambition of Total Quality, Dolfin is a company which is continuously growing and improving!

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