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Mr Polalerto, Polarettilandia’s Police Chief Inspector.

Stocky large penguin who seems rigid but he’s agile and ready for any emergency.

He has a great sense of discipline he seems to be grumpy, but he slyly smiles at the Polar Team’s pranks.


He wears his immaculate blue uniform, including his cap with visor, whistle and walkie-talkie.

Family relationship

His wife, Mrs Polisofia, is a teacher at Polarschool and his cousin in Miss Bird, a journalist for PolarNews.

Distinguishing marks

He can remember every Highway Code article in the Polarettilsndia’s Constitution by heart, but he often forgets the simplest of things for example “Where have I parked my polar car?”

His desk is made from road signs and his lovely police polar car is equipped with a small flashing strawberry.


DISCOVER the true identity of your favorite superhero and SEND your super polar message.

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A young penguin, who is not very tall and a little tubby.

He has some problems with his eyesight.


Young and attractive penguin, she has a beautiful figure and soft facial features with long and mischievous eyelashes.

Very vain and obsessed with how she looks.


Young penguin average height and weight with a rebellious tuft of hair.

Lively, dynamic and hot-headed. He gets into “trouble” easily, but of the good kind!

He is often distracted by daydreaming of thousands of adventures!


A young, tall and muscular penguin that is very self-confident.

Strong and decisive he never loses his cool. He is the leader of the Polar Team and Polarmoro’s best friend.

He always has the medallion with a large “P” around his neck which shows that he belongs to the Polaretti Team.


Write a letter to Mr. Polaretto to tell him your great and adventurous days!

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