Polarone Polarone


He is tall and stocky.

He is strict but at the same time also sweet and he has so much fun with his family.

He is incurably romantic completely in love with his Polarfrà.

His favourite fruit is lemon.


He makes an effort to be smart and never forgets to wear his bow tie.

Family relationship

He is dad to two of the members of the Polar Team: Polarmoro and Polarcocca and he is Polarino and little Polarillo’s daddy too.

Distinguishing marks

He is a real life calculator.

He can do astronomical sums in his head which is an important skill that helps him a lot in his job as the book keeper at the ice pops factory.

The guitar, which he plays with the Polarband.


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A young penguin, who is not very tall and a little tubby.

He has some problems with his eyesight.


Young and attractive penguin, she has a beautiful figure and soft facial features with long and mischievous eyelashes.

Very vain and obsessed with how she looks.


Young penguin average height and weight with a rebellious tuft of hair.

Lively, dynamic and hot-headed. He gets into “trouble” easily, but of the good kind!

He is often distracted by daydreaming of thousands of adventures!


A young, tall and muscular penguin that is very self-confident.

Strong and decisive he never loses his cool. He is the leader of the Polar Team and Polarmoro’s best friend.

He always has the medallion with a large “P” around his neck which shows that he belongs to the Polaretti Team.

Write a letter to Mr. Polaretto to tell him your great and adventurous days!

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