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<span>The City Hall of Polarettilandia</span>

The City Hall of Polarettilandia

The buildings

The City Hall of Polarettilandia


City Hall is a landmark, along with the city's Mayor Pinnalunga.


He is always an enthusiastic penguin, with a thousand ideas that pop into his head. Elected by all Penguins at the Polar Elections, he has for many years governed Polarettilandia to ensure that harmony always reigns in the city.


Lately Mayor Pinnalunga is even more frantic than usual because he is organizing the Polarolympics: a very important event for the city where all penguins can participate or cheer for their favorite athletes.

Places of Polarettilandia


Become cityzen


Write a letter to Mr. Polaretto to tell him your great and adventurous days!

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