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Polar school

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Culture and ... good manners!


The Polar school can be found in a corner of the De Polarettis square. It’s a big building made from ice and snow, and on the roof is a great figure and picture of one of the greatest scientists from Polarettilandia.


All the youngsters, from nursery to high school age, living in and around Polarettilandia go to the school. The classrooms have desks made from ice, soft sea sponge chairs and teachers desks made from recycled wood from antique sunken ships.


Here the strict and spectacled Miss Polisofia teaches the most important life subjects of each and every Polaretto. These lessons are: “Fluidism”, the science that teaches penguins to rhythmically glide through the water using backstroke; “BeckTon”, the art of good manners; and obviously Ice Sculpting, creating art sculpted from blocks of ice.

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Polar school

The Polar school ... at the time of Polarone!
The Polar school ... at the time of Polarone!

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